5 Combat Rope Moves to Torch Your Metabolism

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Alternating Reverse-Grip Wave Punch

Just as boxing requires full-body engagement, so does the alternating reverse-grip wave punch exercise. Expect your legs and core to burn, even as your arms do the punching.

• Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-distance apart, your knees and hips slightly bent in a quarter-squat, your core engaged, your shoulders back. Hold one end of the rope in each hand, as if you were holding a can of soda, with your elbows bent at 90-degrees, the end of the rope pointing toward the ceiling, and your palms facing inward.

• Keeping your elbow bent, punch your left arm up and across your body, using your lower body to help power the movement. As you bring your arm back to the starting position, immediately punch your right arm up and across your body.

• Continue alternating quick, powerful, cross-body uppercuts, using your legs to assist. Perform the exercise for 15 to 30 seconds, depending on your ability. Rest and repeat, completing between four and six sets, allowing 15 to 30 seconds rest between attempts.

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