5 Squat Alternatives to Build Muscle

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Sled Pushes/Reverse Drags

Sleds are one of the best tools if you're new to training, since they're so simple and effective. Pushing or pulling, sled movements strengthen the glutes, hamstrings, and quads without a lot of technical requirements.

  • To push the sled with proper form, extend your arms, grab the handles, get low, and drive the knees forward.
  • Push through the balls of the feet as though you're pushing the ground away with each step.

Reverse Drags:

  • Hook a strap to the sled and grab it facing the sled.
  • Lower your hips down, keep your chest up, and extend the lower leg out as you drive backwards.

When to Use: Sleds are great for those with back issues who can’t place a load on their backs. They can also be great for anyone with weak glutes and hamstrings.

When to Avoid: If you have any issues with your Achilles tendon, heavy sled pushes may bother you, but reverse drags would be fine. Reverse drags could potentially bother the knees if you have any issues there.

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