6 Weeks to Shirtless
Veronique Beranger / Getty Images

Summer is around the corner, and that means there are plenty of occasions to ditch your shirt. Of course, after months of being bundled up, you might have a little extra padding around your midsection now. While we always advocate for exercising in a way that makes your whole body strong, sometimes you just want to be the fit guy at the beach. And for that, you need a specialized approach. There are a couple of “rules” that apply:

  • Train Total Body. Even though you only care about your torso, you’ll probably burn more calories per workout and potentially shed additional body fat in the process.
  • Use Compound Movements. That means the big, multi-joint exercises are king. They’ll trigger your metabolism and nervous system and make you release more testosterone in the process. That’s a win-win.
  • Build Your Foundation First. Keeping it simple is both smart and safe, especially if you’re just getting back into things. It’s also an easy way to have your body give you feedback on your conditioning and strength levels.

Use the following program three times per week to feel a little less anxious about what’s hiding under that button-down.