7 Sweet Cruiser and Commuter Bikes You Can Buy Online

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Best Fixie

Best Fixie

Pure Cycles Single Speed

You’re looking for a simple bike to ride around town. You live in an area without any significant hills. You dig the rough-and-ready bike messenger style. A Pure Fix single speed (the Bravo is shown, $280 from Chain Reaction Cycles) might just be the bike for you. We like the range of colors for both frame and wheel, and the sub-$500 price. Pure Fix uses steel framesets for durability. The rear wheel can be flipped, so you can choose between a fixed gear or free-hub set-up. A fixed gear means you must pedal whenever the bike is rolling, while a free-hub allows you to coast, if you prefer.

Pure Fix bikes include a front brake only, but you can easily add a rear brake, too. Deep-dish wheels add a flash of color to the Pure Fix set-up and are durable if your local streets feature the occasional pothole. 

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