8 Foods That Will Make Your Hair and Skin Look Better Than Ever

Olive Oil
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Olive Oil

This antioxidant-rich, healthy fat is also an anti-inflammatory, meaning it will reduce puffiness under the eyes and helps irritated skin. Healthy fats strengthen cell membranes, giving skin a youthful appearance. Olive oil also inhibits the production of the hormone DHT, which is responsible for the narrowing of the hair follicle shaft as you get older, leading to thinner hair.

This is one of those foods that does double duty when applied topically – olive oil is a frequent ingredient in natural moisturizers and lip balms. A study in the medical journal PLOS One found that those who consume two teaspoons a day (dressing for your salad; dip for your bread) had 31 percent fewer signs of dry and aging skin than those who consumed less.