8 Supplements That Actually Work

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Can’t sleep? Try magnesium
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Can’t sleep? Try magnesium

Sleeping pills like Ambien are addictive and riddled with side effects. And if you pop a Benadryl or slug NyQuil to incite drowsiness, you’re ingesting drugs your body doesn’t need. You’ll likely wake up with a hazy hangover, too. If your brain races in bed or you wake up throughout the night, consider taking magnesium, an essential, naturally relaxing mineral. Without enough of it, our brains and bodies struggle to settle down. And since it’s tough to get enough magnesium from food alone and multivitamins tend to offer too little, 70 to 80 percent of us are lacking.

Research has shown these magnesium supplements help people with insomnia and other sleep troubles get better rest. Besides, magnesium competes with other minerals for absorption, so nighttime is a good time to take it anyway.

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