This Boxing Workout Will Get You in the Best Shape of Your Life

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Round 3: Jump Rope
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Round 3: Jump Rope

"The more efficiently the heart works as a pump, the better the cardiovascular fitness," says Foster. "There's no better way to condition the heart than working a jump rope." The first goal is to do three straight minutes of continuous jumping, which is a lot harder than it may sound. Make it easier by hopping around, switching from foot to foot, crisscrossing. Take a one-minute break, then go for another three minutes. For a final three-minute round, try double jumps, rotating the rope twice under feet with each jump. This increases the cardio demand and sharpens coordination and balance.

Mastering the Double Jump

Torso should be upright, arms straight and slightly out to sides, wrists relaxed. Think of bouncing straight up and down, and don't jump higher — instead, rotate wrists faster to get the rope around twice with each jump.

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