Add More Weight to Your Squat: 3 Variations For Bigger, Stronger Legs
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If you've spent any time in a gym over the years, you're probably familiar with the squat. Many consider it one of the top exercises to build size and strength, and that's for good reason: It's a compound lift, which means it incorporates movement at more than one joint. More joint movement means using more muscle fibers, which can spur bigger gains in the gym. So if you’re trying to go from small to jacked, this is a good way to do it — as long as you're doing it with stellar form, like this.

But if you’re doing the same squat day in and day out, you may grow to resent this muscle powerhouse. Instead of shunning the movement completely, try introducing a little variety to your compound. Fortunately, there are countless squat variations that can optimize physique and strength. Here are just a few you can use to shake up your routine.