Claim Check: What Salt-Based Healing Cures Are Up to Snuff?

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1. Neti Pots
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1. Neti Pots

Made famous by 2AM informercials, Neti Pots are undoubtedly the strangest way to fix a sinus issue. By putting a tea kettle with salt water in your nose, you can relieve yourself of any allergy and sinus issues through rinsing your nasal passage. But Neti Pot has come under enormous fire with the FDA who emphasize distilled or sterile water over tap water which can contain infectious amoebas. In 2011, two Neti Pot users died of encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain caused by amoeba. The product continues to make headlines for it, despite the illness' extreme rarity. However, a study as recent as 2016 showed that a saline irrigation product can relieve symptoms of sinus issues if used safely, so no need to dispose of the Neti Pot just yet — though we would boil the water to start, just to be safe. Given salt water's ability to provide at least a little sinus relief, we rank this deservedly highest (and also, most likely to turn heads if used in public).

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