Claim Check: What Salt-Based Healing Cures Are Up to Snuff?

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2. Isolation Tanks
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2. Isolation Tanks

Also known as sensory-deprivation tanks, isolation tanks have become the new trendy therapy for those who want relaxation  — through total pitch-black darkness. Sealed and soundproof, you can float in water filled with hundreds of pounds of Epsom salt. Because of the lack of visual stimulation, many report having experienced mild hallucinations — a source for it’s recent popularity. The claimed benefits include overall relaxation, reduced blood pressure and mental benefits, like reduced anxiety. A 2004 study revealed less cortisol in participants after treatment, which indicates less stress, while a 2014 study reported participants feeling less anxious and more relaxed after twelve sessions. If you're looking for similar results, a single session in Lift's ‘float suite’ can set you back $99, complete with a library, hot beverage service, lounge area — and for city-dwellers, a lot less ambulance and police sirens than you're used to. The only reason this isn't higher on the list is because, well, the salt isn't what's doing the healing — just helping you to float. 

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