Claim Check: What Salt-Based Healing Cures Are Up to Snuff?

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3. Scrubs
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3. Scrubs

Salt scrubs can be found at any soap specialty store in outlet malls, marketed as having exfoliative qualities that can remove dead skin and help get that soft, midas touch. Some even go as far as proclaiming its resulting 'glow' and its ability to 'improve aging.' Hm. The American Academy of Dermatology says exfoliation can be good for the skin — but ultimately depends on who, and how often, it's used. Acne-sufferers don't always benefit from harsh scrubs that can actually make skin worse, and for some, a harsh scrub can cause hyper-pigmentation or dark spots on the skin. They also urge using it sparingly as scrubbing too much can lead to redness and irritation. But salt remains a preferred exfoliant over use of products like 'microbeads' which have been banned for polluting oceans and, right, their ability to cause tears in the skin. Ultimately, salt scrubs do what they are meant to accomplish, which is why we're putting it high on our list - but word to the wise, if you have sensitive skin, we'd venture to say it's a risky move.

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