Claim Check: What Salt-Based Healing Cures Are Up to Snuff?

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4. Halo Therapy
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4. Halo Therapy

Halo therapy, also known as salt therapy, is said to clear nasal passages by exposing its willing participants to a ‘cave’, filled floor-to-ceiling with salt. Its become the new sauna with caves across the country, bringing salt therapy and Himalayan salt cave treatment to the masses. Many report relief from allergies and improvement of eczema to extreme cases like relief of symptoms associated with Lyme disease. However, it remains a gray area by U.S. doctors, with insufficient evidence to create guidelines to its use. Though a 2006 study showed that salt inhalation helped smokers with coughing and mucus, many doctors are still hesitant to recommend it. With no proven study showing that halo therapy has beneficial effects (outside of potentially therapeutic ones), it's like a highway tourist attraction — fun, but maybe not worth the pit-stop. With plenty of anecdotal evidence but few studies conducted, we're putting this smack dab in the middle of our rankings.

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