Claim Check: What Salt-Based Healing Cures Are Up to Snuff?

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5. Saltwater Baths
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5. Saltwater Baths

Whether you choose to take a dip in the ocean or use a soaking solution, saltwater and its supposed benefits for skin and sore muscles are such common beliefs, they're even supermodel-endorsed. A salt bath is said to cleanse pores and reduce water retention, while Epsom salt baths are used in the reduction of swelling and relief from muscle aches, popularized by Crossfitters. A 2005 study followed volunteers who submerged one arm in a Dead-sea salt solution and the other arm in tap water as a control. The arm submerged in the solution appeared more moisturized and less inflamed when compared to the other arm. Very few studies, if any, exist to prove the claims made with regard to Epsom salt baths though. In fact, some studies suggest that the Epsom salt is merely a placebo effect, much to the collective dismay of Crossfitters everywhere - we're putting this toward the end of our list, until proven otherwise.

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