Claim Check: What Salt-Based Healing Cures Are Up to Snuff?

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6. Salt Pillows
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6. Salt Pillows

For some, the trick to a good night's sleep lies in their pillow. And for a very specific group, it lies in their pillow containing actual salt. Salt therapy pillows are said to benefit those through relief of muscle aches. Yet, all descriptions of how it works remain vague, like 'activation of essential minerals' and the 'loosening of muscles' — exactly how it's done remains a mystery. While the heat or cooling may provide some comfort, no study has shown the effectiveness specifically of salt use, although some proclaim salt's ability to retain heat as a benefit. Other companies even include a legal disclaimer with their pillow, letting customers know they make not work for all. Suffice it to say, salt may be better served on your food than on your bed. Any homeopathic treatment with a disclaimer immediately makes us skeptical — and is worthy of a 6th place ranking.

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