Decoding Protein Bars: How to Pick the Right One

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All fibers aren’t the same
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All fibers aren’t the same

Whole foods like fruits, oats, nuts, and seeds contain naturally occurring fiber. Rice flour is just refined white flour.

Rolled oats are very good to get in your bar, containing soluble fiber which may help lower blood cholesterol. Oat fiber is produced from oat hulls.

While inulin and chicory root fiber (a type of inulin) have their virtues of being a fiber extracted from plants, a zero-calorie sweetener, and a prebiotic, these fibers have their downside. Large doses of inulin may cause bloating, painful cramping, and gas, depending on the amount. One bar’s worth may be enough to cause side effects in some people.

Maltitol, while not a fiber, is a commonly used sugar alcohol in very sweet, yet low-sugar bars with chocolaty coatings, which can also cause intestinal discomfort.

Aim for 3-6 grams fiber per bar. Five grams is considered an excellent source.

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