Everything You Need for Your Pool Swim Workouts

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Swim briefs, jammers, swim trunks — the debate over men’s swimwear is as contested as the debate over boxers or briefs. The truth is, for most guys it doesn’t matter — you should wear whatever suit you feel most comfortable in, even if that means eschewing the tech suits for something a little looser. That said, look for features that will actually keep you comfortable, like the chlorine-proof, anti-bacterial, water-resistant, anti-chafe properties of NoNetz Swim Trunks. [$60; nonetz.com]

If you’re looking for an edge, there’s a reason professional swimmers wear tight-fitting suits — they reduce friction and make it easier (and faster) to cut through the water. Options like the high-compression Hurley Pro Max surf shorts are appropriate for day-to-day training. Plus, with high UPF sun protection and 23 inches of leg coverage, they’re a good option for reducing sun damage when swimming outside. [$100; nike.com]

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