Fit for Memorial Day: Your One Month Game Plan

Week 1: Increase Activity, Make Lifestyle Changes
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Week 1: Increase Activity, Make Lifestyle Changes

You don’t want to go so hard during the first week that you end up injured or too sore to move. Rather than dive into overly intense, high-impact workouts and a diet so clean it’s practically squeaky, this week is all about lifestyle changes that increase activity and help you get on track.

  • Assess Your Calorie Needs. You don’t need to become an obsessive calorie counter, but there’s no denying that calorie intake does matter when it comes to getting lean.
  • Organize Your Fridge. It’s practically impossible to eat healthfully if your fruits and vegetables are outta sight and outta mind. Get organized and put your produce in a prominent and accessible spot.
  • Prioritize All-Day Activity. Yes, even at work. The healthiest people are those who are up and active all day long, so pick a few simple tricks to getting moving and start actually using them.
  • Do a 30-Minute Bodyweight Workout Four Days This Week. No gym, no problem. Just carve out 30 minutes of time and follow a full-body workout that hits all your major muscle groups. Just be sure to leave a day of rest between workouts.