Fit for Memorial Day: Your One Month Game Plan

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Week 4: Finish Strong
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Week 4: Finish Strong

Now that you’ve successfully made it through week 3, the finish line is in sight. Keep up the good work and start anticipating the changes your body’s about to unveil. Hard work really does pay off.

Try a Tough Outdoor Workout Three Times This Week. If the weather’s nice, go enjoy the outdoors while working up a sweat. The change of scenery, plus some non-fluorescent light, just might amp up your motivation.

Add Extra Core Training. Now that your body fat is dropping and your muscles are popping, spend 10 extra minutes zeroing on core work after each of your workouts.

Do a Stair Workout Two Days This Week. It’s tough to beat the cardiovascular impact of a killer stair workout. This 20-minute routine is all you need to kick your metabolism into high gear.

Consider Intermittent Fasting. Intermittent fasting (IF) has mixed reviews when it comes to nutritional benefits, but there’s a growing body of evidence supporting its role as a method for body fat reduction. 

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