Getting Fit From Scratch: Arm Day, Upgraded

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Lat Pull-Down

Regardless of your ability to lift yourself over the pull-up bar, everyone can partake in the lat pull-down. If you find a pull-up to be a trivial task, you can really challenge yourself by increasing the load on the lat pull-down machine, while those who are still stuck on a band can use a lighter load during the workout. Much like the pull-up, the lat pull-down machine targets our latissimus dorsi ("lats"), as well as our trapezius muscles and the muscles of the shoulder. That lat pull-down is a surefire way to increase the number of pull-ups you can perform. Start seated at the machine with your knees under the pads. Grab the bar with a grip just outside your shoulders. With your torso upright, pull the bar down to your chest. Let your arms extend fully to return the bar to the top.

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