How to Eat Less Beef and Still Get Plenty of Protein

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Throw in umami
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Throw in umami

If you remove the savory seared meat taste from a recipe, you need to add that deliciousness back in. Enter umamai, the fifth basic taste. Here are some of the easiest ways to add it.

Soy sauce: Besides using it in Asian food, soy sauce can replace plain old salt as a seasoning for any dish. Choose reduced-sodium versions if you’re watching your blood pressure and overall health. Or try liquid amino acids, which looks like soy sauce, with a cleaner taste. It even comes in a convenient spray bottle.

Nutritional yeast seasoning: Find these yellow flakes in the seasoning aisle or natural foods section of your grocery store. Nutritional yeast seasoning imparts a nutty, almost cheesy taste. Add it to just about any recipe, about one tablespoon for four servings, or shake it on right before eating.

Olives: Chop your favorite olives and stir into pasta sauces and salads.

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