How to Fix Your Neck Pain
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“Tech neck” is what you call a posture thrown out of whack by long periods looking down at a computer screen or phone. When you bend your head down to look at your screen, it forces your head forward. And for every inch your head dips forward, you place about 10 pounds of strain on your neck muscles and joints. So when you stare at a computer or a phone for hours a day, it causes the muscles in your neck and shoulders to become tight, restricted, and painful. Over time, this commonly leads to neck pain, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, and headaches.

Stopping to fix your posture when sitting is a great way to prevent tech neck from wreaking havoc on your body. Instead of just fixing your neck posture, start from the waist up:

  • Make sure your hips are higher than your knees.
  • Engage your abs to roll your hips forward.
  • Sit tall, pulling your breastbone up.
  • Pull your shoulder blades down and back to engage your lats for further support.
  • Tuck your chin back to reverse the forward posture.

Many times, correcting your posture and keeping it fixed is hard work because your muscles remain restricted. That’s why adding in muscle releases can help correct this posture for good. Here are a few to try: