How to Sprint to Get Killer Abs

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Series 2: Ramp Sprints
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Series 2: Ramp Sprints

After giving yourself a few minutes to rest and recover after the first series of sprints, you’ll move on to Mentore’s ramp sprints, which are exactly what they sound like — sprinting up a ramp. “This involves engaging sprint mechanics, increasing core activation by sprinting on an incline,” Mentore says. “Inclines force you to pick up your knees higher and pull more from the hips and core.” Just remember to keep your torso as erect as possible to get the most out this series.

  • Set the incline on the treadmill to between a 7- and 10-percent grade
  • Sprint 15 seconds at a pace between 7.0 and 8.0 mph
  • Rest 15 seconds

Repeat this series a total of 15 times, completing 15 total sprints. 

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