How to Train Your Hamstrings Without a Leg-Curl Machine

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Prone Single-Leg Resistance Band Hamstring Curl

For home-based workouts, all you need is a resistance band to hit the back of your thighs with a prone, single-leg resistance band hamstring curl. The trick here is to select a band that offers sufficient resistance, and to keep enough stretch in the band throughout the movement so it remains challenging.Tie a resistance band in a loop around a sturdy object, like a squat rack or pole

Lie on your stomach on a bench or on the ground, facing away from the attachment point of the band.

  • Loop the band around your right ankle, adjusting your position so when your right leg is extended, the resistance band is taut, but not tight.

  • On an exhale, bend your knee, drawing your heel toward your same-side glute. Hold for a beat at the top of the curl before extending your knee, lowering your foot back to its starting position.

  • Perform 12 to 20 repetitions before switching legs. Aim to complete two to four sets.

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