How to Train Your Hamstrings Without a Leg-Curl Machine

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Trap Bar Deadlift

Go ahead and increase the load while doing the trap bar deadlift to develop strength and hypertrophy through your hamstrings. The trick here is maintaining perfect form — keep your core engaged and back straight throughout the exercise, and roll your shoulders, pulling your scapula down and in toward the spine, to keep yourself from slumping forward, especially through the lowering phase of the exercise.

  • Stand in the center of a loaded trap bar, your feet roughly hip-distance apart, your knees slightly bent, your core engaged.

  • Press your hips back and hinge forward, keeping your back straight, as you reach down to grab the trap bar.

  • Engage your hamstrings and glutes, and use them to pull your torso to standing as you extend your hips, pressing them forward as you lift the loaded weight from the ground.

  • Press your hips back and hinge forward, slowly lowering the weight back toward the ground. As soon as the plates tap the ground, pull yourself back to standing and continue the exercise.

  • Perform two to five sets of five to 10 repetitions.

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