4 Essential Rules of Fall and Winter Skincare

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Rule 2: Exfoliate, But Do It Gently

Rule 2: Exfoliate, But Do It Gently

Instead of relying on harsh exfoliators to slough off dry, dead skin, Dr. Jagdeo recommends a solution that’s gentler on your skin and travels well so you never have to be without it.

“I really caution men against exfoliators, but I do recommend cleansing with the Cetaphil Men’s Daily Face Cloths. They’re very gentle on the skin, they’re rugged and durable, they’re single use but they come in travel packs. Most important, for men, they’re gentle on facial hair. It’s not going to come apart when you’re using it to cleanse your face.

“A lot of men don’t know about face cloths or they think they’re not masculine enough. They’re wrong. The right ones are amazing, and the ones from Cetaphil are basically the bounty of face cloths.”

[$7; target.com]

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