4 Essential Rules of Fall and Winter Skincare

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Rule 4: Don't Forget Your Hands

Rule 4: Don't Forget Your Hands

One thing lots of guys can forget to do, even if they’re diligent about taking care of their face, is protecting their hands and the rest of their bodies.

“The hands really give away who we are as people and as men. Hands tell our story,” Jagdeo says. “They tell how much we really care about who we are and not just about the parts of our bodies we think people are looking at.”

To keep them healthy, he reccommends SkinFix’s Hand Repair Cream. "You can find it in drugstores, it’s affordable, it’s clinically tested, and in a clinical trial, 100 percent of people saw benefits from using it," he says. "Also, it’s packed with natural ingredients.”

[$18; skinfix.com]

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