No More Excuses: How to Become a Morning Exerciser
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Does the idea of waking up even earlier than you already do and dragging yourself to the gym sound like the stuff of which nightmares are made? You might want to rethink that ‘tude — especially if your New Year’s resolution is to crank up your fitness levels. “When you work out in the morning, you’re guaranteed to get it in,” says Cory Gregory, a Reebok 1 Master Trainer and co-owner of Old School Gym in Columbus, Ohio. “Later in the day, life comes at you — you have work stuff, family stuff, and you lose motivation.” On top of that, a pre-sunrise sweat session can help you get better sleep, have fewer food cravings, wage a better battle against weight gain, and gain a sense of accomplishment right out of the gate. Ready to become a morning gym-goer? Here’s everything you need to know.