Rethink Your Bench Press: 3 Variations to Break Through A Rut

Floor Press
Sam Bageris1/3

Floor Press

How to Do It: Setup a bar low enough to the ground that you can reach it comfortably when you lay on the floor beneath it. Lay down underneath the bar and setup as you would for a normal bench press, but this time lay your legs flat out on the ground in front of you. Unrack the bar and lower it slowly, until your elbows are gently resting on the ground. Without ever losing tension, pause for a brief second, then explode the bar off the floor and lock it out.

The Benefit: Floor presses take the leg drive away from the press completely, forcing your upper body to work much harder than a traditional bench press. Plus, using the floor as a limiter to your range of motion makes this movement very triceps specific — great for building big, powerful triceps.