Rethink Your Bench Press: 3 Variations to Break Through A Rut

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Paused Bench
Sam Bageris3/3

Paused Bench

How to Do It: Setup as you would for a traditional barbell bench press, unrack the bar and lower it to your chest. Unlike a traditional bench, do not immediately touch your chest and explode up into the lockout. Once the bar touches the chest, maintain tension in the chest and arms and pause anywhere from one to six seconds. At the end of the pause, explode back up into lockout. It’s extremely important to maintain tension throughout the duration of the pause to prevent strains and even tears due to lost tension.

The Benefit: When you pause a bench press with tension still in the muscles, you are doing one thing: increasing time under tension. Just like the pause squat, more damage is done to the muscle fibers, cranking up that pectoral hypertrophy necessary for a big, powerful chest.

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