Road Race Distances, Ranked

6. The Random Distances
David Goehring / Flickr1/6

6. The Random Distances

Do you know what your 8K PR is? Neither do I. And I don’t really care to know.

These are the races that require a gimmick to exist. There’s the 4.2-mile weed themed race in San Francisco. An “ironic” 0.2-mile mini-marathon for Brooklyn hipsters.

Sure, they can be fun. But running really isn’t the sole purpose for doing them. Plus, I only have so much room in my brain for PRs and mile splits for certain distances. I will never remember how fast my third mile of the 15K Hot Chocolate Run was. Though, I guess I will thoroughly enjoy the chocolate.

There is one major exception to this, which nearly edges this category up: San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers. More party than footrace, this 12K bonanza is infamous for absurd costumes and hordes of drunk people who bring up the rear. Several years ago, it had to publicly decry nudity during the event. You do you, San Francisco.