So You Want to Be a Runner? Get Started in 10 Easy Steps.

So there’s this thing called Global Running Day. Don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but it takes place on Wednesday, June 7 (today!), and the idea is that, well, you should go running — on the street, on a treadmill, wherever you can. Now, we’re a little skeptical of any kind of Global Whatever Day, but we have to admit: This is a good idea! You should go running! Running is great exercise, a very affordable sport, and occasionally even somewhat enjoyable. Kidding! It’s somewhat enjoyable most of the time. And what better time to start somewhat enjoying yourself than June 7, when a vast worldwide propaganda machine is telling you to get out there and run, even if you haven’t so much as jogged since sophomore-year P.E.?

You’re onboard? Great! But before you dash out the door, here’s what you should know: a few tips to get you striding down the block safely, comfortably, and happily. Or somewhat happily.