The 5-Minute Workout Finisher to Take Your Fitness to the Next Level

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Lizard Hops

Think of lizard hops as a coordinated plyometric pushup crossed with a gnarly mountain climber. It’s pretty much guaranteed to torch your entire body while sending your heart rate soaring.

Start in a high push-up position, your core tight, your palms under your shoulders but slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Step your right hand forward a few inches before lowering yourself into a push-up. As you do, hop your right foot forward, reaching your right knee toward your right elbow.

At the bottom of the push-up, press forcefully through your palms, hopping both hands in the air, switching their positions to bring your right hand back and your left hand forward as you simultaneously extend your right leg and bend your left leg. As your palms land, you immediately lower yourself into another pushup, this time with your left leg bent and your left knee reaching toward your left elbow. Continue alternating sides. 

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