The Gym Etiquette Guide Even Gym Rats Must Read

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Rule Five: Reach Out
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Rule Five: Reach Out

Obviously, it’s not your job to be everyone’s cheerleader, and if you’re naturally introverted, it’s fine to keep to yourself in the gym. But try to remember how overwhelming your first sessions were. When you see a new member struggling, help if you can.

However, resist the urge to shout, "You’re doing it wrong!" Instead, Manuel recommends saying, "I remember the first time I tried that exercise, I had a heck of a time adjusting the machine," or, "that machine/exercise took me a while to understand, here’s how I figured it out." Salter agrees: Flat-out correcting someone is embarrassing, so he suggests walking up and saying, “you know, I recently learned another cool way to use that, want me to show you when you’re done?” 

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