The Gym Etiquette Guide Even Gym Rats Must Read

Rule One: No Grumbling About “Resolutionists”
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Rule One: No Grumbling About “Resolutionists”

“I give them two weeks,” you mutter, just loud enough so some of the new members can hear you. Sure, the long wait for your favorite equipment is annoying. But long waits aren’t the fault of new members who just want to get fit. Long waits are the fault of the gym, which over-sold memberships or failed to invest enough in equipment to keep things flowing.

“Make friends, share gear, and come on, don’t stress out. We go to the gym to reduce stress in our lives, not to create more of it,” says Dai Manuel, a fitness trainer who was morbidly obese as a teen, and thus knows a few things about what it feels like to navigate the gym as an outsider. Allow a bit of extra time, and think of the wait as an excuse to exercise your patience.