The Gym Etiquette Guide Even Gym Rats Must Read

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Rule Two: Clean Everything Often
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Rule Two: Clean Everything Often

Hopefully, regular users know and respect this rule, but it’s always good to get a refresher. Gyms are incredibly germy places. A 2014 study found bacteria from 17 different bacterial families living on equipment in gyms. Staphylococcus (known for causing staph infections) and salmonella were among some of the most common strains.

Hands spread germs, so wipe down anything you touch, even if you didn’t sweat profusely on it. If you don’t know where the wipes or anti-bacterial spray is, ask. And remember, it’s probably better to over-clean than to skimp. If you can’t decide whether a machine needs a wipe down or not, just go for it.   

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