The Health Breakthroughs that Mattered in 2016

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Hacking Your Metabolism
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Hacking Your Metabolism

Think Type-2 diabetes is only a big man’s disease? Think again. A University of Florida study revealed that one in five normal-weight adults now has pre-diabetes, the precursor to full-blown Type 2. On top of that, one in three adults over age 45 with BMIs under 25 has high blood sugar, a huge increase in the condition since 1994. Some metabolism slowdown comes naturally with age, but our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, sugar-packed diets, and low lean muscle mass all conspire to fast-track us to poor health. To reset your metabolism, cut back on empty carbs, get up from your desk to walk around every hour, do workouts that combine cardio with strength training, and embrace cold temps to boost your metabolic rate. 

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