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We All Should Embrace Full-Fat Dairy
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We All Should Embrace Full-Fat Dairy

For decades we’ve been taught to fear fat and choose reduced- or nonfat milk, cheese, and yogurt over full-fat versions. In fact, the American Heart Association still trumpets this message. However, more and more research points to the health benefits of real-deal dairy. One 2016 study showed people who ate full-fat cheese for 12 weeks were just as cardiometabolically healthy as those given low-fat cheese. Another trial found that adults who consumed 1.2 servings of full-fat dairy each day were 46 percent less likely to develop diabetes. Even kids benefit from full-fat dairy. A study of 2,700 youngsters showed that whole milk drinkers were significantly leaner and had higher vitamin D levels than kids given skim or low-fat milk. Because full-fat dairy is more filling, experts believe we may consume fewer calories from food. Also, the saturated fat in dairy can elevate good cholesterol and aid absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

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