The Most Hardcore Workout You'll Take On This Week

Landmine Transfer

When done correctly, the landmine transfer should be a fast movement that incorporates a row, press, and hip rotation, making it a great explosive movement. To do it, start by loading one end of a barbell with a 45-pound plate. Prop the other end in a corner. Turn and face the collar of the barbell and step back with your inside foot. Your outside foot should be in line with the end of the barbell. Bend your knees and, with a flat back, grab the weighted end of the barbell with your inside hand as if you were going to row it. Explosively row the weight upward. At about chest-height, rotate the balls of your feet and switch the barbell to your other hand (the momentum you've already created will make this easier than it sounds). Continue your rotation and press the weight up and away from your body.