The Only 8 Moves You Need for a Wide, Powerful Back

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Hyperextensions With A Twist

Hyperextensions With A Twist

Why do it: This is a good way to strengthen your lower back, which you rarely want to hit with heavy weights because it’s easy to injure, Paul says. Adding in the twist engages your obliques, which are part of the girdle of muscles that make up your core.

How to do it: If your gym has a hyperextension machine, start there. Lie with your stomach on the machine with your feet tucked under the foot holds. If your gym doesn’t have this equipment, you can do these by placing a large exercise ball under your hips and tucking your feet under something sturdy like a treadmill or weight rack. Fold your arms across your chest, then raise your torso up so you’re in a straight line from your heels to your shoulders. On the next rep, add in a twist, rotating your body slightly to the right as you lift. Repeat, this time twisting to your left.

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