The Only 8 Moves You Need for a Wide, Powerful Back

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Single Arm TRX Row With Rotation

Single Arm TRX Row With Rotation

Why do it: The single-arm nature of the row makes you work your back one side at a time, which is useful for identifying weak spots. Celebrity trainer Todd Durkin says the rotation aspect engages the core, so you’re effectively doing two movements in one motion.

How to do it: Loop your handles together or use whatever safety mechanism your straps have in place for a single-strap move. Stand facing the anchor with the strap at about chest height. Grab the strap in one hand and lean back, keeping your heels pressed into the floor. Rotate down with the side of your body that isn’t holding the strap, then row up while rolling your non-rowing side toward the strap. Lower down while twisting back toward the floor. 

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