The Only 8 Moves You Need for a Wide, Powerful Back

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TRX Lat Pulldown

TRX Lat Pulldown

Why do it: The work is done by your lats, but your entire body is working to stay stable throughout the move. You’ll reap benefits in back muscles you never even knew you had, plus you’ll see big gains in your lats too, Boschen says.

How to do it: Start facing the straps, looking up toward the anchor. Grab the straps with your hands. Walk your feet in, then bend at your hips so your butt is hovering off the ground and your body is at a 90-degree angle. Dig your heels into the ground for stability, then pull your body up using the straps. Make sure to keep your hips in the same 90-degree angle. This ensures you’re pulling with your lats only.

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