The Only TRX Workout You’ll Ever Need
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Whether you go to a big-box gym, a CrossFit box, or a gymnastics studio, you've probably seen a suspension training system. In general-purpose gyms, it's usually a TRX training system, recognizable from a mile away as the yellow-and-black strappy getup. And no matter what your goals are, you should add it to your routine. “[The TRX] can be used to strengthen arms and shoulders, work your core, improve stability, and add variations to lots of other standard movements,” says Jeff Richter, a strength and conditioning coach at St. Vincent Sports Performance in Indianapolis. A little more about that core component: “When you use a TRX, you end up working your abs and glutes the entire time,” says Alex Morrow, personal trainer, running coach, and owner of Resolute Running in Alabama. “Whether you’re doing a suspended lunge or a bicep curl, your core has to be engaged, improving your stability and power.”

This total-body routine from Richter and Morrow is as good as it gets thanks to its combo moves that keep your body guessing. Run through the circuit three times (rest for a minute between each round).