Trying to Build Muscle? These 6 Things are Getting in Your Way

Excess Calorie Restriction
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Excess Calorie Restriction

Getting lean and getting big are two different things. While calorie restriction can do wonders for helping you lose excess fat, going overboard with excess calorie restriction isn’t doing you any favors. “Many men are worried about eating too much because they’re afraid of putting on fat while trying to gain muscle,” says Ivana Chapman, a strength and conditioning specialist and a national-level bodybuilder. “But if you don’t consume enough calories, or if you just meet your current nutritional needs, there won’t be anything left for your body to build muscle with.”

Think about it: Your body’s in a state of constant cellular turnover. You need a steady flow of energy (food) to maintain your current status. If you restrict your food intake too much, you’re essentially cutting off your body’s building supplies, and that’s a problem if you’re trying to build new muscle.