Trying to Build Muscle? These 6 Things are Getting in Your Way

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Skipping Leg Day
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Skipping Leg Day

Sure, you want to develop the “show me” muscles of your chest and biceps, but working your upper body to the detriment of your legs is a bad idea, and not just because you end up looking disproportionate. “If you want to gain size, it’s important to target the lower body, specifically with squats and deadlifts,” says Todd Durkin, a strength and conditioning coach for professional athletes. “Working the glutes, quads, and larger muscle groups helps stimulate testosterone and growth hormone.” These hormones are critical to muscle protein synthesis and muscle hypertrophy, so if you fail to sufficiently work the largest muscles in your entire body, you’re cutting your workouts off at the knees. A well-balanced, full-body program maximizes natural hormone production and sets you up to gain mass efficiently. 

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