Dust Off Your Deadlift: 3 Variations to Take to the Gym Tonight

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Romanian Deadlift
Sam Bageris3/3

Romanian Deadlift

How to Do It: Grab the bar with your arms just outside shoulder width, deadlift the bar up just as you would for a conventional deadlift. This time starting from the top, hinge at the hip until the barbell is about mid-shin, then reverse the motion and return to the top. Make sure to maintain a flat back throughout the entire movement.

The Benefit: Romanian deadlifts are a great option to train the posterior chain in a different fashion than a normal deadlift. In a normal deadlift, the main focus is on the concentric strength, or the active shortening of the muscle fibers. But in the RDL, the focus is on eccentric strength, or the active lengthening of the muscle fibers, specifically the hamstrings. Eccentric contractions cause the most damage to the muscle fibers, so you’re going to have a sore morning. At least the trade-off here is big, powerful hamstrings.

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