Dust Off Your Deadlift: 3 Variations to Take to the Gym Tonight

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Sumo Deadlift
Sam Bageris2/3

Sumo Deadlift

How to Do It: Setup with your shins a few inches away from the bar in a very wide stance. A good measurement for most people is to line the middle of your shin up with the smooth rings on the bar. Drop your butt down and grab the bar with your hands between your legs, keeping your hips, back, and chest up. Initiate the pull by pushing down into the ground and pushing your hips forward, making sure to not hyperextend the lower back at lockout.

The Benefit: When compared to a conventional deadlift, the sumo deadlift involves much more action from the adductors of the legs and an emphasis on the glutes over the spinal erectors of the lower back. Use these to build bigger legs and glutes.

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