What to Ask Your Doctor at 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60

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Your Forties
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Your Forties

“At 40, a lot more family history plays into account,” Brahmbhatt says. “If you have colon or prostate cancer in your family, this is when to start getting screened every five years.” If you don’t have familial risk, you can wait until 50.

Continue monitoring your blood pressure and cholesterol throughout your forties by getting a full lipid panel every three years. “Of the lipids, LDL cholesterol is the most important number,” Fletcher says. “Some people think if their HDL cholesterol is very high, they don’t need to worry about LDL. Not true — high LDL cholesterol is a sign of bad things to come.” If your LDL is elevated, get a lipid panel every year.

Since adult-onset diabetes is becoming more common, Fletcher advises getting your blood glucose checked, especially if your BMI is higher than 25. But remember, thin guys can get Type-2 diabetes, too, and men of Asian descent should be screened for diabetes if their BMI is 23 or above.

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