What’s the Best Way to Cure a Hangover? 8 Experts Weigh In

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The Celebrity Nutritionist
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The Celebrity Nutritionist

Neka Pasquale, nutritionist to Cindy Crawford and founder of the meal delivery service Urban Remedy, has a “cure” in the form of a dandelion liver tonic. “In traditional Chinese medicine, dandelion greens are used to clear heat and toxins from the liver and stomach, and carrots detoxify the body and aid in treating indigestion,” she says, referring to the ayurvedic term “heat” to describe pitta vikruti, or inflammation. You can create your own dandelion liver tonic at home by juicing four celery ribs, one to two cups spinach leaves, two kale leaves, a quarter-bunch dandelion greens, a quarter-bunch flat-leaf parsley, two carrots, and one cucumber. Dash a little turmeric on top to ease inflammation, and see if that doesn’t cure what ails you. 

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