Why You’re Going to Gain Weight This Winter

You're plenty comfortable inside, thanks.

You're plenty comfortable inside, thanks.

Winter is nature's way of telling you she's still a colossal badass and will wreck you. Also, it's chilly. “If you’re a committed exerciser, [you’re] typically fine with exercise during the winter,” Ross says. But if you don’t already own two warm, sweat-wicking pairs of tights, a merino wool long-sleeve shirt, and socks that can hold up to the cold, you don’t want to go outside. And for the faint of spirit, that means replacing the dog’s daily walk with a loop around the front yard or going for an egg-nog bender with people who were once our kayaking buddies.

What to do instead: If good outerwear is enough to keep you from exercising, pony up on the gear. It’s worth it. (Here’s your guide.) But while you're at REI picking out Smartwool, keep this in mind: It's just cold outside. You aren't summiting Everest. And your body will thank you for the trip outdoors.