Your New Fat-Torching Routine: A Five-Move Total-Body Workout

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Kettlebell Single Arm and Leg Cross Over Dead Lift Into A Single Leg Squat

The Benefit: Unlike the kettlebell swing, this is a slow and deliberate movement that challenges your balance and all the muscles in your core, butt, and back. The slower you go, the harder it will be — and trust us, with a heavy kettlebell, things can get hard. It’s a favorite of Todd Herriott, C.S.C.S, a Seattle-based trainer and ambassador for Klean Athlete, who says the multi-planar, multi-muscle chain movement is one of the best he’s ever found for developing hip and thigh strength.

How to Do It: Stand tall, holding a kettlebell by your side in your right hand. Slowly lift your right leg up, bringing it up behind you as you hinge forward into a single-leg deadlift. Come back to the starting position, but keep your right leg elevated off the ground. Bring the kettlebell up to chest height, holding it with both hands. Now, move into a single-leg squat, with your right leg off the ground. Return to neutral and switch legs.

Tip: If this move is too advanced, try doing a Romanian deadlift and a goblet squat, using both hands for the deadlift and both legs for the squat.

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